Basketball Qualifier success at Mark Hall

First of all thank you for everyone’s help yesterday – I really appreciated the support extended to the School Games Staff (Gill Pardoe and Rebecca Lott), who in my absence ensured that our ‘expanded’ basketball event ran smoothly. Well done to the 37 teams who took part, this was the biggest basketball event we have ever run; a big thank you to the Harlow Hawks (Shab and the 3 young leaders) for assisting throughout – as events get larger we will need to look at different ways of facilitating the huge number of matches, whilst trying to reduce ‘waiting’ times for teams. Hopefully everyone can see that everything we try differently is to increase opportunity’s for the children of Harlow.

The results from the groups were as follows:

Morning qualifiers

Group 1

St Albans - 12 points

Hare Street 9 points

Church Langley C - 8 points

Church Langley B - 7 points

Little Parndon A - 4 points

Group 2

St Lukes A - 9 points

Church Langlry A - 7 points

Roydon B - 5 points

Church Langley D - 3 points

Group 3

Roydon A - 8 points (through on baskets scored)

St Albans B - 8 points

Cooks Spinney B - 5 points

Freshwaters - 3 points

Group 4

Cooks Spinney A - 9 points

St Nicholas - 7 points

St Lukes B - 5 points

Little Parndon B - 3 points

Afternoon qualifiers

Group 1

Fawbert and Barnard B - 11 points

Little Parndon - 11 points

Downs B - 10 points

Churchgate B - 5 points

Holy Cross B - 5 points

Group 2

Nazeing 12 points

Downs A - 10 points

Churchgate A - 8 points

Little Parndon B - 6 points

Nazeing C - 4 points

Group 3

Fawbert and Barnard A - 12 points

Nazeing B - 10 points

Pear Tree Mead A - 8 points

Potter Street D - 6 points

Potter Street A - 4 points

Group 4

William Martin - 10 points (through on head to head result)

Potter Street B - 10 points

Potter Street C - 8 points

Pear Tree Mead - 6 points

Pemberley - 6 points

So, after all that. The 8 teams who have qualified for the finals, which are AFTER Christmas, are as follows:

St Lukes A, St Albans, Cooks Spinney A and Roydon – from the morning session.

Fawbert and Barnard B, Nazeing A, Fawbert and Barnard A and William Martin – from the afternoon session.

A reminder that the winning team from Harlow will go forward to represent us in the Level 3 event, which is 5 v 5. Most of the teams who qualified do have a B team, so it may be that the eventual winner can pool players to create a squad of 10 for the County Final.


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