Abbotweld and St Lukes in Kurling Trophies

Like last week, the afternoon matches ran as smoothly as the morning’s event. Again the school staff were instrumental in helping players understand the rules and guiding them sensitively throughout play. Having played in the first round of group matches, the teams were re-pooled with the top 8 teams playing out the finals in 2 groups of 4. The winners of the groups were Abbotweld and St Lukes.

The results of the Years 5/6 Boocia Finals were as follows (these are the final results from re-pooling):

Group 1

1stAbbotsweld – 9 points

2ndLittle Parndon – 7 points

3rdThe Downs – 5 points

4thCooks Spinney 2 – 3 points


Group 2

1stSt Lukes – 9 points

2ndLittle Parndon 2 – 7 points

3rdChurch Langley 3 – 5 points

4thSt Albans – 3 points


Group 3

1stPear Tree Mead 2 – 8 points

2ndChurch Langley 1 – 6 points

= 3rdLittle Parndon 1 – 5 points

= 3rdThe Downs 2 – 5 points


Group 4

1stSt James 2 – 9 points

2ndFreshwaters – 7 points

3rdCooks Spinney 3 – 5 points

4thSt James 1 – 3 points


Group 5

1stLongwood – 9 points

2ndPurford Green 1 – 7 points

3rdChurch Langley 2 – 5 points

4thJerounds – 3 points


Group 6

1stCooks Spinney 1 – 8 points

2ndPear Tree Mead 1 – 6 points

=3rdThe Downs 1 – 5 points

=3rdPurford Green 2 – 5 points



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