Quad Kids success for everyone!

Wow – it actually worked!

After trying many different strategies, this year we were able to complete both the Year 3/4 and the Year 5/6 Quad Kids events – ahead of time and with medal ceremonies!

Both events were well attended with over 250 pupils across the day taking part in a sprint, standing long jump, a vortex howler throw and a distance run. The children performed really well and the staff attending were instrumental in ensuring that everything ran to plan.

Year 3/4 Final results and placings:


  1. St Nicholas – 1,295 points

  2. Church Langley 1 – 1,265 points

  3. Cooks Spinney – 1,121 points

  4. Church Langley 2 – 1,113 points

  5. The Downs – 1,064 points

  6. Pear Tree Mead 2 – 1,041 points

  7. Water Lane – 998 points

  8. St Lukes – 982 points

  9. Pear Tree Mead 3 – 901 points

  10. Pear Tree Mead 1 – 855 points

  11. Harlowbury 1 – 820 points

  12. St Albans – 772 points

  13. Harlowbury 2 – 588 points


    Year 3/4 individual winners:


    1stWinnie (Pear Tree Mead 2)

    2ndHannais (Church Langley 1)

    3rdGeorgeina (St Nicholas)



    1stBilly (St Nicholas)

    2ndCharlie O (St Nicholas)

    3rdGeorge (St Albans)


    Year 5/6 Final results and placings:


    Church Langley 1 – 1,422 points

    St Nicholas – 1,405 points

    Church Langley 2 – 1,347 points

    Katherines 1 – 1,281 points

    Abbotsweld – 1,274 points

    St Albans – 1,247 points

    Cooks Spinney – 1,224 points

    St Lukes – 1,182 points

    The Downs – 1,171 points

    Pear Tree Mead 2 – 1,037 points

    Katherines 2 – 1,281 points

    Longwood – 980 points

    Pear Tree Mead 3 – 964 points

    Harlowbury 1 – 873 points

    Pear Tree Mead 1 – 806 points

    Harlowbury 2 – 756 points



    Year 5/6 individual winners:


    1stMille E (Pear Tree Mead)

    =2ndBupe (St Albans)

    =2ndSummer (St Lukes)



    1stBlessing (Abbotsweld)

    2ndJack P (St Nicholas)

    3rdNathan (The Downs)



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