Dodgeball Qualifiers a huge HIT - ouch!

“If you can dodge a spanner…you can dodge a ball!”

Thankfully there weren’t too many spanners to dodge today during the annual dodgeball qualifiers, though there were plenty of balls flying around. Once again, due to increased interest, the Harlow SSP were required to expand the event from last year. This year we welcomed 33 teams to Mark Hall Academy Sports Centre throughout the day, staggering events in the morning and afternoon. With some expert advice on the rules, demonstrated perfectly by the school staff, the children were grouped and ready to play.

Both events ran really well, considering the logistics of central timing and the difficulties when umpiring – it really is one of the toughest events to officiate as everything happens so fast and all at the same time. Having said this, disputes were few and far between, with the children and staff demonstrating great integrity and honesty throughout.

As always, thanks were given to the amazing staff members who helped organise and officiate, alongside Mr Stacey, Mrs Pardoe and Miss Lott. We are able to expand our events due to fantastic collaboration and dedication of all the people involved – great job all!

The 8 teams who qualified from today’s event, will meet in the finals on Friday 16thNovember at Mark Hall Academy for the chance to represent Harlow in the County Finals.

The results were as follows:

Morning event – 13 teams competed in 3 groups

Group 1

The Downs 2 – 12 points (Qualified for next week’s finals)

Church Langley 1 – 10 points (Qualified for next week’s finals as highest scoring runner-up)

Water Lane – 8 points

Church Langley 4 – 6 points

Freshwaters – 4 points

Group 2

Church Langley 3 – 9 points (Qualified for next week’s finals)

Pear Tree Mead 1 – 7 points

Church Langley 2 – 5 points

Cooks Spinney 1 – 3 points

Group 3

The Downs 1 – 7 points (Qualified for next week’s finals on head to head game)

Little Parndon – 7 points

Pear Tree Mead 2 – 5 points

Cooks Spinney 2 – 5 points


Afternoon event – 20 teams in 4 groups

Group 1

Potter Street 1 - 7 points (Qualified for next week’s finals via playoff)

Holy Cross – 7 points

Freshwaters – 7 points

St Albans – 3 points

Group 2

Pemberley Academy – 9 points (Qualified for next week’s finals)

Tanys Dell 1 – 7 points

Little Parndon 2 – 5 points

Potter Street 2 – 3 points

Group 3

Fawbert and Barnard 1 – 9 points (Qualified for next week’s finals)

Tanys Dell 2 – 7 points

Purford Green – 5 points

Fawbert and Barnard 4 – 3 points

Group 4

Little Parndon 1 – 9 points (Qualified for next week’s finals)

St Lukes – 7 points

Fawbert and Barnard 2 – 5 points

Fawbert and Barnard 3 – 3 points




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