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Sorry, we are no longer taking bookings for this event


Gifted and Talented Day 1 – Urban Games Day

Schools are invited to send 4 pupils (2 girls and 2 boys) of High ability/More Able/Identified as Gifted and Talented for Bodily Kinaesthetic to attend a day of sporting activities with like-minded peers.

Day 1 - students will take part in short sessions of: MMA (mixed martial arts), BMXing, BounceFit, Handball and Benchball.

School Staff are not required to attend.

Children must have completed the contact sheet and the medical information forms before participating. (These are sent to each school by SGO David Stacey nearer the time). Parents are able to drop and collect their children from the event; a register of attendance is taken diligently.

Please note: any behaviour/s that cause concern, danger to peers and/or themselves will result in exclusion from activities. School and parents will be contacted immediately to collect individual.