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Badminton Festival (KS2 children only)

An extended morning of games and developing skills with some basic coaching prior to event start.

Each teams requires 4 players (2 boys and 2 girls) from KS2

Format for each game is as follows:

1st Game - Singles (higher ranked player chosen to play singles) – Player Number 1

2nd Game - Doubles (the 2 players not selected for a singles game) – Players Number 3 and 4

3rd Game - Singles (second player chosen for singles) – Player Number 2

4th Game - Doubles (first singles player + either one of non-singles players) – Player Number 1 and either Player Number 3 or 4

5th Game - Doubles (second singles player + the other non-singles player) – Player Number 2 and either Player Number 3 or 4

Winning teams (possibly top 2) to represent Harlow in the County Finals (Level 3) on Wednesday 22nd January 2020 at William Edwards