Key Steps Gymnastics - Years 1/2 (Thursday)Close Window

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6 Gymnasts – Mixed boys and girls per age group

KS 1 Team Criteria - Year 1&2 Combined

Team competition:      Group floor routine (All 6 gymnasts to be included)

                                 All 6 Gymnastics to perform Vault (Step 1 Vault – Bench or                  

                                   Springboard option)


Routine content:

A group floor routine to consist of 10 element The 4 compulsory elements must be included A further 6 Optional Elements must also be included This basic rehearsed routine should be no longer than 90 seconds Music is optional (You will need to provide your own music on the day – CD’s only / Clearly marked) Elements maybe performed in any order Additional steps, travelling movement, dance can be added to link elements together Different patterns and directions should be included to offer variety to the routine.

The TOP 2 TEAMs are invited represent Harlow in the Level 3 County event on Thurdsay 28th June at Basildon Sporting Village.